Friday, March 8, 2013

A smartphone breathalyzer? Just one of the new class of local tech start-ups

It's time to meet some of startup hub Packard Place's newest all-stars. 

Members of Packard Place's second class of RevTech Labs -- a free, three-month program to help tech startups launch -- are currently in the throes of building business models and their products. 
Startups in RevTech Labs are early-stage mobile, software and web companies. During the program, they share 4,000 square feet of free work space at Packard Place, and are mentored by local, regional and national tech talent. On "Demo Day" in April, companies will pitch to investors and the business community. 
So here they are, the newest additions to Charlotte's growing tech scene:

  • Alcohoot is a smartphone breathalyzer. The small device connects to your smartphone and, together with the Alcohoot mobile app, let's you to test your blood alcohol level quickly and accurately. Leaders: Ben Biron, Jonathan Ofir, Max Koeppel
  • eCampus will deliver the products, services and experiences that students look for throughout their college career. The company currently operates Roomsurf, a social network that helps students find compatible roommates. Leaders: Justin Gaither, Dan Thibodeau
  • Womadz engages customers in the process of producing, selecting and promoting originals ads for brands -- for serious cash. For those not interested in producing ads, Womadz offers an environment full of entertaining videos, and let's users earn money by helping select and share the best of the videos. Leaders: Diek Minkhorst, Sam Reitman
  • MyLearningID was formed by two business partners that share a passion for education and security. Through facial, voice recognition and additional digital signatures, an individual can maintain the integrity of their identity online while schools to maintain the academic integrity of their distance education programs. Leaders: Velvet Nelson, Mike Murphy
  • Podanize is an innovative website and mobile app that offers moms an efficient, fun way to keep their kids’ ongoing group activities organized. The activity leader brings the group online by forming a “Pod” where the parents have free-flowing discussions, schedule recurring events, set up task lists, and easily reference the group’s information in one central location. Leaders: Nikki Sacks, Steven Sacks
  • Reward Summit  is a mobile- and web-based platform that demystifies rewards programs, helping consumers pick the right cards and get their full value.  Leaders: John Espey, Chris Hart
  • InspireInYou is internet radio for messages centered on self-help, religious and non-religious inspiration. Gauging user preferences, the service then matches with audio messages arranged into customized channels for each user. Content contributors include: churches, certified counselors, motivational speakers and certified life coaches. Leader: Shaun Andrews
  • Web based start-up ShomoLive, Inc. is developing a social media platform for people interested in playing, booking or listening to live music.  The website streamlines the process of booking promoting gigs for local musicians and venues. Leaders: Scott Jermyn, Tony Verrioli, Tim Beidear
  • Campus Carriers makes the campus moving process easy and economical for university students. It uses technology to fine-tune customer management and logistics, and also offers an e-commerce website. Leaders: Daniel Burdi, Justin Burdi
  • Plate Share is a smartphone app that allows diners to round their restaurant bills up to the nearest dollar and donate the change to feed the hungry. The non-profit organization's micro-giving transaction platform makes charitable giving easy, accessible, affordable, and attractive. Leader: Katie Levans