Wednesday, December 5, 2012

How can QR codes help market your business?

As the number of smart phone users boom, so does the proliferation of QR codes.

Those quick-response codes you scan with a smart phone are seemingly showing up on...everything.
The Seattle Times has reported on a grave monument maker there, who can include QR codes on headstones. Scan the code with a smart phone reader app to go to a special website with photos and biographical information about the deceased.

The Charlotte Observer’s Joe DePriest wrote last year about Gaston County Museum adding QR codes at historic sites around the county to explain local history.

And Mashable
reports on creative ways to use QR codes for marketing, including using them for customers to find out more about products. What’s the most creative use of a QR code that you’ve ever seen? Let us know in the comments below, and also take our weekly ShopTalk poll on the topic, here.


LaChristian said...

QR-codes are great tools for marketing. Many people do not notice them or have no clue what it is. Also there more then 100 apps. of a QR-Code reader to download too many choices. I think Apple,and Google need to combine the QR-Code reading software into the phone camera for QR-code use can grow.