Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Baker Furniture Co. going out of business

Baker Furniture Co., a large retailer of furniture, bedding and accessories in Gaston County, will soon close its doors after 64 years. 

According to a press release, the current owners, Sandra Baker VanPelt and her husband, Jim, are retiring. 

Floyd “Red” Baker started the business in a garage in 1949. Located about 14 miles west of uptown Charlotte, the store now occupies a 40,000-square-foot brick building at 225 Market St. in downtown Cramerton. 

The store carried wares for the living room, dining room, home office and bedroom. Everything in the store is on sale.

The store owners could not be reached by phone, but a store employee said the Baker Furniture doors won't close until all furniture is sold. 

Sandra and Jim have shared the day-to-day operations with their grown children, Greg VanPelt and Holly Hite. 

The Van Pelts and Bakers are lifetime residents of Gaston County. 


Anonymous said...

This is the NEW NORM for the GOP state of North Carolina...NO jobs, NO new business, just businesses going out of business.

I thought the GOP was going to fix the NC economy and create JOBS. 2014 cannot come soon enough.

KB said...

Mr. Obama was supposed to fix everything - and he certainly has, hasn't he. Might as well retire while still can.

Anonymous said...

They've been running a business for over fifty years! They deserve to be able to retire.

Anonymous said...

Why can't the kiddies take it over & keep it in business?

Anonymous said...

My family owns a furniture store in another state. Sometimes the kids aren't qualified to take over the business.

Anonymous said...

So commenter at 1:35 blames GOP, and commenter at 1:46 blames Obama. I think neither actually read the article where it says they wanted to retire.

Marielle Smith said...

I guess they have thought of their decision really hard. It's not easy to open, run, and then close a business. For 64 years, Baker Furniture Co. has been a reputable retailer. Perhaps, the owners just want to focus on themselves this time. Marielle, sixtyfortyone