Monday, September 9, 2013

NoDa Brewing Company releases 16 oz. cans of pale ales

NoDa Brewing CompanyNoDa Brewing Company's Todd and Suzie Ford -- who were recently profiled in ShopTalk for starting the business with 401K funds -- announced they'll be rolling out 16 oz. cans of Jam Session, their pale ale, and Hop, Drop 'n Roll, their signature IPA, in late September 2013. 

“Jam Session and Hop, Drop ‘n Roll are two of our most popular beers and having them available in a portable form (can) is the next logical step for us,” Todd Ford said in a statement. “Instead of the traditional 12 oz. cans, we have opted for a 16 oz. can. If you are going to drink a 16 oz. pint in restaurant or pub, why accept less from your can?”
Initially, NoDa Brewing cans will be available at bottle shops, specialty markets, bars and restaurants in the Charlotte metro. The cans will roll out to supermarket chains within the year. In addition to NoDa Brewing Company's current drafts available at Panthers games within the Bank of America Stadium, the canned version of Jam Session and Hop, Drop ‘n Roll will be available at the stadium starting in October.


Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm.... beer!