Monday, November 12, 2012

Get start-up capital for your small business

If you're an entrepreneur in want of start-up investors, consider attending the "Raising Angel and Early-Stage Capital" conference Nov. 15 at UNC Charlotte.

The event is hosted by UNCC’s the Belk College of Business and local nonprofit Business Innovation & Growth, known as BIG. 

Panel discussion topics include: equity versus bootstrap financing, deal structures for early-stage capital, how to attract angel investors, making an investment pitch and how to run a company once you have the start-up capital.

“It’s a deep dive into this process,” says BIG President and CEO Terry Thorson Cox, who founded the organization in 2006. 

BIG offers a peer network, leadership and mentoring support, and access to resources, capital and expertise to members, who Cox refers to as “high-potential entrepreneurs.”

“They’re a bunch of one- to five-employee companies...that will be eventually provide a lot of jobs,” Cox says.

Entrepreneurs who spoke at the 2011 annual event will offer updates on their successes and failures raising capital over the past year.

Before the discussion on making the investor pitch, a handful of up-and-coming entrepreneurs in the greater Charlotte area will give three- to five- minute pitches.  One speaker is Phong Luong, co-founder of NexTable, an iPad app designed to help restaurants better manage their reservations and front-of-house operations.

Luong helped develop the app out of a need he saw in his own restaurant, Zen Fusion in Dilworth. 

Learn more about Luong’s story in this week’s ShopTalk, the Observer’s small business section, out Wednesday.

Thursday’s event is free for UNCC students and BIG members, $25 for non-UNCC students and pre-revenue start-ups, and $65 for other guests who purchase tickets in advance. Cost is $80 at the door.

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Anonymous said...

So what does creating an APP, do to help create JOBS or get a company start up capital. These small business "shoptalks" are pathetic. Get some real advice these articles seem to be targeting dummies.

1. To get start-up capital. Tap your own savings, family members, friends or start putting money aside from your current job.

2. Make sure you have a product or service NEEDED. Somethings are just not that important to buying customers.

3. Get a line of credit. It can be a personal or business.

That's more helpful than this article.

Bill Stevens said...

Be sure to include in your business plan your increased costs of taxes and healthcare Obama wants you to bear to "be fair" to those that do not "want" to be productive.

Anonymous said...

Bill you are just a tea-klux repub who belongs in 1940s Mississippi.

Anonymous said...

Bill, Get over it. President Obama WON re-election. Mitt Romney will not be president! In two months, most Americans will have forgotten he was the GOP nominee.

WiseWayne said...

Bill I am sorry you didn't get "your America back." Thank God we still have our America though. The president is for all the people and want everyone to be able to make it,if they try. Unlike Mr.Romney who was in it for himself, and a few right wingers. Did you see how fast he cutoff the staffers who was running his campaign? The same night he lost. He would have cutoff at least 47% of American the same way had he won. President Obama is on God's true side. That is why he is shown his favor by God. God blessed America by giving us President Obama.

Laser Guided Loogie said...

White men need not apply.