Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sycamore Brewing to open along light rail in South End

The growing Charlotte brewery scene is still hoppin'. Joining the ranks is Sycamore Brewing set to open in spring 2014 in SouthEnd, according to a press release sent Tuesday. 

Founded by husband-and-wife team Sarah and Justin Brigham, the craft microbrewery  will be located at 2161 Hawkins Street, along the Charlotte Lynx Rail Trail, in a building formerly used as an auto garage. 

Courtesy of Sarah Brigham
The owners plan to renovate the building into a production brewery and taproom, and transform the 210 ft. of pedestrian trail at the back of the nearly 1.5-acre property.

Sycamore Brewing will begin production on an American-made brewhouse and pilot brewhouse for more creative, experimental beer styles.  A large selection of "premium ales" will be available on draft in the tap room, with a line-up that's regularly changing.

Born and raised in Charlotte, co-owner Justin Brigham, had his first encounter with the brewing industry while attending the University of Colorado. During his summer breaks he worked for Coors Brewing, in the company's grain elevator, purchasing barley from farmers.  Soon after, Justin began home-brewing and has been hooked ever since. Sarah is an avid cook and the two have been perfecting their recipes for the last few years.

Their goal: use the freshest ingredients available, including local whenever possible, and brew all-natural, tasty beer. 

Once open, the brewery will offer fresh beer on draft in the tap room, growlers to go, and brews in kegs throughout the city's bars, bottle shops and restaurants. 

Sycamore Brewing will have a patio, space for outdoor events and a large amount of parking.


Anonymous said...

A new opening of one brewery per week...the anti-trend is ultra trendy right now and even more profitable. Create a cheaply made ALE, creative label founded on anti-establishment theme, and slap a "craft" price tag of $10 for 12 oz while the masses assimilate against "the man." In the end, you still end up paying "the man" who are one of the few angel investors that afford the start up capital to these "independent" breweries. Just ask and you will see major bankers, old generation owners of beer wholesalers, etc... all truly OWN these breweries.

Anonymous said...

Please put down the pipe.

Anonymous said...

Most of these guys are getting started on the entrepreneur's nest egg, a 1 yr horizon, and/or a shoe-string budget. Best of luck and hope its a big hit!

Anonymous said...

"price tag of $10 for 12 oz"

You are drinking in the wrong places.

Anonymous said...

People don't support these places to be anti-establishment, we drink them because they are simply better beers. I like my beer to taste like BEER not water. Nothing wrong with paying a couple dollars more for a better product.

Anonymous said...

Please tell me where you are drinking a 12 oz, $10 beer so I can avoid it. Anyone who frequents the local craft breweries like NoDa, Birdsong, OMB, etc know that you don't pay $10 for a beer. Get real. The breweries typically charge $4-5 for a pint. Nice try though. Go back to smoking your skunk weed.