Friday, April 25, 2014

Give these inexpensive employee perks a try

I recently came across this story on the Ragan Communications site about inexpensive ways to boost employee morale. Business publications love this story line, so sometimes the topic can be tired. But this one had some great examples, such as:

  • Sending flowers when an employee is sick.
  • Rewarding a job well done with a dinner for the employee and his/her spouse at a local fine restaurant. 
  • Having potluck cooking competitions and baby-picture contests. 
  • Offering employees bicycles to use. 
For more good examples, check out this story I wrote last year about giving employees a reason to stay. You'll hear the strategies of local small business owners who treat employees with everything from pedicures to gas cards to unlimited coffee year-round from the shop next door. 

And for the full story on, click here. It's worth a read!