Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Entrepreneurial event attendees split on Cannon-Peacock race

Last week, mayoral candidates Democrat Patrick Cannon and Republican Edwin Peacock III -- as well as a fleet of candidates for Charlotte city office -- made their pitch to a group of entrepreneurs gathered at Packard Place, an uptown startup hub. 

A straw poll taken that night showed Cannon and Peacock were neck and neck in votes among attendees. (The poll is not intended to be representative of the greater electorate.) Of the 32 people who took the poll, 16 voted for Cannon and 16 voted for Peacock. 

Here are the vote tallies for the other candidates: 

City Council at-large race: 

Vi Lyles: 15
David Howard: 14
Michael Barnes: 13
Vanessa Faura: 12
Mark Frietch: 9 
Dennis Peterson: 8
Eric Cable: 6
Claire Green Fallon: 5
Ken Harris: 3

District winners:

District 1: Patsy Kinsey
District 2: Al Austin
District 3: LaWana Mayfield
District 4: Greg Phipps
District 5: John Autry
District 6: Kenny Smith
District 7: Ed Driggs

ShopTalk co-sponsored the event.