Thursday, May 22, 2014

NoDa Brewing plans to expand locally, do own canning

NoDa Brewing Company, recently recognized as one of the top brewers in the nation, is planning to expand operations locally and pursue its own canning, says owner Suzie Ford, who started the company with her husband, Todd, in 2011.  

"We need additional space," Ford said. "We have four more tanks coming, and that will max out our capacity at this facility," which is located at 2229 N. Davidson St. 

The Fords haven't decided on a second brewing location yet, but are looking for spaces. Then the next step: "Buying our own canning line," she said. 

Right now, NoDa Brewing contracts the canning process. But if the business were to buy its own canning line, the process would go faster, Ford said. 

They hope to make that leap over the next year. 

NoDa Brewing recently earned international attention by winning a gold medal at the World Beer Cup, one of the nation's biggest beer competitions, in April. 

The winning brew was NoDa's Hop, Drop 'N Roll IPA and the medal they won is the most sought-after of the competition. The American IPA category is the hottest, with 224 entries. 


Anonymous said...

This is most definitely welcome news! Love NoDa brews!

Anonymous said...

Best local brewery in CLT. How anyone drinks OMB is beyond me. NoDa knows beer, the other's just pretend. Cicerone approved!

Anonymous said...

NoDa is great but I don't see why that means someone needs to put down OMB. OMB is doing a completely different thing in there own right. You can't get a better German style beer made in the US than what they make. You can get something comparable to NoDa's offerings from other local breweries.

Garth Vader said...


You'd better relay your concerns to Suzie and Todd, since they are collaborating with OMB on a limited edition brew this summer. Better call them, since I doubt you're old enough to legally enter a brewery.

Seriously, both of them make great stuff: I like NoDa's Jam Session, Ramble on Red, Cold Crash and Cavu. Meanwhile OMB's Copper, Hornet's Nest, Dunkelweizen and Fruh Bock are awesome as well.

Anonymous said...

Hooray, NoDa! and especially Hop Drop and Roll and Jam Session..the best!

Anonymous said...

NoDa, OMB, Triple C....I love them all. Local companies putting people to work and making quality products. No need to tear down one just to compliment another. I think that is what makes the local breweries so great is that they all root for one another to succeed and flourish. I am just happy to be in Charlotte and taste the fruits of their labor.

Anonymous said...

What idiot put down OMB? You know nothing about beer. Go back to your XBOX and wait for your mother to call you for dinner.

Anonymous said...

NoDa, OMB, Birdsong, Triple C, etc are all great LOCAL breweries. Each brewery in their respective way appeal to a variety of beer drinkers. Love the local craft beer scene in Charlotte, and apparently a lot of others do too since they are expanding!